Alive with Wildflowers – How do we create Wildflower Meadows and Why should we?

Why should we plant Wildflower Meadows?

I believe in very attractive well kept, ornamental gardens, but I also believe in wild spaces. If we have enough ground in a garden I believe in creating some wild space. There are several reasons for this, firstly because of the environment, but also because Wildflower meadows create fantastic mood in your garden. This wildness that can be juxtaposed with mown paths. A sense of getting away in a country estate, a field that has been unused and mown regularly, can have a magical feel all of a sudden, and become a place we actually long to walk and visit, to have a picnic. 

17 Woodland June 15
Mown Path through a Wildflower Meadow in Toot Baldon, Oxfordshire
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