Sculpture & Sculptural Elements

Over the years, I have created a number of sculptures and sculptural features in gardens. I continue to be interested in sculpture and sculptural forms. This can mean designing and making a unique sculptural element, creating a piece of bespoke furniture, or designing and making a water feature. I believe that many elements in a garden can have a sculptural quality to them. This is a side of my creative life I continue to develop, I am happy to discuss how we could work together in this respect.

I also source and place sculptures by established artists for my clients.

Although all designs are different, and they are personal to every client, designers often seem to develop a signature over time. For Doug this seems to be a passion for living spaces, which even if contemporary, and made up of clean lines, also contain plants and living elements.

Doug believes it is living elements that bring places to life and make us pause from the hustle and bustle of our busy days, enjoying a moment of contemplation, and maybe even allow ourselves some time to daydream.

This dream like quality is difficult to describe, but it might be captured in the movement of plants in the breeze, or how they catch the light, or in the juxtaposition of hard surfaces and a living structure.