Welcome to Doug Holloway Garden Design

Hello, I’m Doug Holloway. I am a qualified Landscape Architect, Garden Designer, and Craftsman, based in Oxfordshire.      

I offer a complete Garden Design Service:- from survey, and initial hand sketches, through to Autocad design and hand drawn visualisations. I then manage the construction, sourcing and positioning personally ‘by hand’, all the plants and trees. I then continue to advise and work alongside my clients as the garden develops over the years.

       ‘Beauty is the Garden, 

                         scent of roses,

                                         murmuring water,   flowing gently… 

                                                     Can words describe the indescribable?’   Rumi


Introduction to my approach

I believe in creating gardens that are beautiful and vibrant living spaces. Over the years I have come to understand that the hard landscape must have it’s own architectural beauty, and be built to last many years, but ultimately it act’s as a frame for the real focus of our attention, the living elements: plants and trees, which evolve and change throughout the year, and over time.

-Whether you are looking to create a kaleidoscope of colour, a simple ‘White Garden’, or a lush green foliage space, I try to combine your ideas and wishes, with a great deal of consideration and care for the existing site, and the elements we wish to keep, such as trees, plants, structures and habitats.

-My design process starts in the first meeting, when I hope we will walk around the garden or site and reflect on various thoughts and our intuitive sense about the space. My ideas seem to flow when I combine what I am learning about my clients, with how the site feels.

I have 15 years experience, designing gardens, but also in construction, this has given me a considerable eye for detail, and a ‘hands on,’ practical approach to the work.

-I believe in communicating with clients and contractors in a useful, clear way, and in providing useful economic services such as ordering the certain materials and hand sourcing plants.

-I believe gardens should, as much as possible, sit in balance with the natural environment, attracting and encouraging wildlife and insects. This is achieved in a variety of ways which I am happy to discuss further if we meet.

-As much as possible, I am interested in reducing the environmental impact of garden creation.

I have worked as a garden designer in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and surrounding counties. London, the Cotswolds, the Midlands, even completing projects in Germany.

            “I believe garden design is a kind of alchemy, when all the elements come together to enhance the unique ‘Sense of Place,’ while also reflecting the individual character of you the client. As a garden designer, this means my highest priority is to create spaces, that my clients call “Home.”