Welcome to Douglas Holloway Landscape Ltd – Garden Designers and Landscapers.

Our aim is to make vibrant & inspirational gardens which exceed your expectations, and offer space to relax and contemplate your day, enjoy family time, or socialise with friends. We focus on simple & elegant designs, with layers of planting to achieve good structure, seasonal interest, vibrant colour and a unique sense of character for your home or site.

Making a Garden Personal to You.

We believe the relationship between Garden Designer and Client is the essential starting point for any new garden. Listening to your practical ideas for the garden, the places that inspire you, and the way you want your home to feel is how we work together to determine a project brief.

As garden designers our role is to understand people and be inspired by places. We use our experience, training and intuition to design gardens which not only fulfil your practical requirements, but also inspire you, and exceed your hopes for the garden you can create.

Our Team - Doug Holloway is a landscape architect and craftsman, he uses his practical experience as a landscape gardener to inform his design work, understanding how landscapes can be built to last and develop over time. Our design work is influenced by the simplicity and refined lines of landscape architecture, and the enjoyment of making gardens which create a sense of place for every unique site.

We have an in-house team of landscapers led by Steve Ratcliff our foreman of ten years experience. We offer garden design nationally, and our landscaping team are working all year round to implement our designs in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Our clients often comment that we are a concientious team of nice people, and that it was a pleasure to have us around. It is very important to us that we not only create professional and detailed landscapes, but that we conduct ourselves in a considerate and organised manner towards our clients while working in their homes.

Designing for Many Years into the Future - We believe it’s essential to build gardens that last, this is because landscapes gain in character as the years pass by, as plants and trees grow, and as materials weather. It is therefore essential to choose materials which are durable and timeless, and to construct gardens which will remain undisturbed over many years in order to capitalize on this aging process. This is why we believe having our own team of landscape gardeners – who continually work to the highest possible standards – is an essential part of our service.

A Continuing Relationship - After we finish works in your garden, the relationship doesn’t end there, we will always be on hand to guide you through maintaining and developing the landscape to its full potential. We often consult with clients who wish to learn more about pruning and maintenance, and we are always on hand to answer questions.

Please see our Testimonials page and look through our portfolio of work on the Gallery page.

Please phone Doug for a chat about your garden or landscape : 07951 781577